Advanced Flutes

Di Zhao makes some very affordable flutes that are excellent in sound and playability. All flutes come with a french case in a padded bag sealed with a zipper, a storage pocket and shoulder strap and with wooden cleaning rod and a nice cleaning cloth. We also sell Volaré flutes from RS Berkeley. Contact us for pricing.

DZ 400

This flute has a silver plated body and solid silver headjoint, B-Foot, open holes and off-set or inline G. $1599, our price $1099






DZ 600

The DZ-600 is a professional level flute with solid silver body and headjoint, but plated key work. It has a B-Foot, in-line or off-set G, open holesIt has a very pure tone, is exceptionally easy to play full in the low register and soft in the upper register. This is a great flute for someone who can’t afford a $10,000 flute, but needs something of the best quality. $2309, our price $1815





DZ 700

This is the top of the line Di Zhao flute. Like the DZ-600, but with pointed key arms. When you consider the value of these flutes, this is really the flute to get, - the best sound, the best craftsmanship for the best money. Now comes with a beautiful wooden case and soft bag. I personally play a DZ-700 with a split E (+$50) that I like very much. $2764, our price $2198







Amadeus Flutes by Haynes

These highly regarded Haynes flutes can now be purchased at student prices.

AF700BO Open Hole, B-Foot, Y-arms, $2540

AF900BO-125 Open Hole, B-Foot, Pointed Arms, special anniversary edition $3910